Is Your Blood Circulation Healthy?

*This post is inpired by a Health and Wellness Workshop By Hilmi Anwar*

Imagine it is on a Monday morning. You had no idea how many times you had pressed the snooze button. You rubbed your eyes, stretched out your arms and yawned like a cute little lion cup (In your own mind that is).

The round clock with a white casing on the wall of your room showed 07:35am and your heart skipped a beat.

Yup, you were late for work.

You jumped out from your bed, ran straight to the toilet and did a quick rinse, barely spraying any water to all parts of your body. You didn’t even brush your teeth!

Then, you put on some nice formal clothes and spam-sprayed your $138 (After discount) Chanel perfume, just in case people caught a hint of your body odor or your overnight bacteria accumulated mouth.

You didn’t waste any more time, you ran to the parking lot, entered your car, rev the engine and sped to the highway.

Only to know that there was a huge traffic jam ahead. Next moment..

“%#@^!%@$#%^@$##!#! LAH”

Due to the auto-censoring policy this website has, I couldn’t write out the whole A-Z nouns, vocabs, and proverbs that you screamed in your car at that very moment.

It is frustration beyond the boiling point isn’t it?.

Now imagine this situation happening to one of your blood vessels and the vehicle you are in is one of the red blood cells carrying oxygens which is on it’s way to the main city which is our heart.

What would happen if it failed to get to its destination? A warning letter? A straight “You’re fired!”?

Probably a heart attack or a stroke. Serious stuff huh?


How blood circulation works?

When we talk about blood circulation, we will always refer to the heart pumping out oxygen-rich blood and receiving in carbon dioxide-filled blood, and they travel through a thick wall of tubes called the arteries and the veins.

The artery is the main blood vessel(tubes) that comes out from the heart to the other parts of the body like our brain, organs, other limbs and muscles.

The vein is the blood vessel that returns the blood to the heart to be recycled. Usually, it contains carbon dioxide which are released via the lung and heart circulatory system or pulmonary system.

This process depends on the state of the heart, the arteries, and the veins.

Without a doubt, a healthy and fit body will naturally have an efficient heart and strong and clean blood vessels allowing oxygen-filled blood to be transported to crucial organs and tissues without delay and interference.

Thus, a healthy person will unlikely possess any heart-related diseases.

Now, I’m not a heart surgeon nor am I a graduate from a medical school, but it is good to understand more about how our blood circulation works and why it is important.


Why It Matters?

Let’s zoom in into our body to it’s cellular size.

Our cells need a heck lot of things to survive. If you think you know people who are very choosy and demanding, wait till you meet your cells personally. Well, not that you can.

Our cells are everything to us, without it, there will be no us, no we, no you, no world. Nothing is left.

And it needs everything to be perfect and balanced. If they are not, it will just die or burst into pieces, literally.

One of the thing it needs to strive on is oxygen and the only way it can get oxygen is from the oxygen-filled blood.

Imagine you have a poor heart condition which fails to transfer enough oxygen to your brain or to your muscles and far away limbs like arms and legs.

What do you think will happen to the cells that wouldn’t get enough oxygen?

Just like what happened to Pearl harbor, to the soldiers who were trapped in the sinking ship. Who were trying desperately to call for help but they were too late.

I remembered a scene where a few soldiers who managed to escape their sunken ship were resting on a small boat.

They were floating nearby a big battleship which was sinking in fast; then they noticed fingers coming out from some holes at the side of the tilted ship. AND THE FINGERS WERE MOVING!!.WHO WOULD NOT BE IN A PANIC STATE AFTER NOTICING THAT!.

They knew those were their crewmates, their friends, their brothers and they were desperately trying to get help, struggling with no air…Dying.

But they knew it was useless. The ship was going down fast. Nobody could have the tools to rip open a battleship quick enough to save them.

A few seconds later the fingers stopped moving and the ones who were on the small boat looked like their souls were ripped off from them. Hopeless.

Would you want your cells to suffer like that?


Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation

Other than you would be dead by now, there are early signs that you can take note of.

  1. Numbness or loss of sensation or tingling in the hands, feet, or toes
  2. Changes in skin temperature (cold hands, feet, legs, and ears)
  3. Fatigue (Lack of or Low Energy)
  4. Hair Loss
  5. Vertigo or Dizziness
  6. Dry Skin
  7. Edema or Swelling in the feet, legs and/or fingers
  8. Varicose Veins, Leg Ulcers and Foot Ulcers
  9. Headaches
  10. Muscle Cramps and Pain
  11. Dandruff
  12. Itching, especially Itchy Skin on Hands, Legs, or Feet
  13. Changes in the color of the skin (it becomes more pale, bluish, or reddish- also known as (cyanosis – an indication of inadequate oxygen delivery)
  14. Cramping in Legs, Buttocks or Feet During Activity
  15. Lower Leg Pain or Claudication
  16. Poor discernment of temperature and pain
  17. Skin breakdowns, Infection and sores do not heal as well as they should
  18. Shortness of Breath
  19. Irregular Heart Beats
  20. Sluggish memory
  21. Lack of stamina

(Cited from

Causes of Poor Blood Circulation

Causes may range from a list of medical conditions. Most of it are due to poor healthy lifestyle. Which involves inactive lifestyle, poor choices of food, lack of rest, and uncontrollable stress.

It may also be an underlying symptoms to a more serious medical condition like diabetes, artery blockage, pneumonia, heart disease, thyroid disorders and many more.

It is always important to have your health checked out by a doctor.


How To Improve Blood Circulation

Oh, this is easy. I can write with as little words. Most of us know how to deal with this problem, but the things is, to know is one thing and to be able to apply it is another.

But hey, I’m still gonna reemphasise on this three important things.


Move more

  • Walk. Just walk. park your car further from your office. Walk.
  • Exercise. Run, Jog, Tabata, tubutu,tibiti,Zumba,Zombie whatever you are into. Be consistent.
  • Find ways to make easy things become difficult. I donno maybe like instead of sitting on a chair do a half squat while watching t.v
  • Join community sports/fitness group activities. There’s like fit clubs and diet clubs everywhere. And people are willing to spend the time together weekly to sweat it out. Tsk. I rather go to the gym alone.

Eat things that your body needs. (Not eat according to your lustful desires)

  • Have a sweet tooth or temptations? Then stay away from them. Stop eating them for a start. Don’t get near them. Even if it means breaking up with many friends or your crazy girlfriend who eats cupcakes for breakfast lunch and dinner.
  • Try your best to eat more fruits, veggies, wholegrains.
  • Drink.drink.drink. If you are not peeing clean, non-smelling, (maybe drinkable) pee, then drink some more. I dunno it looks drinkable the last time I peed. Like my liver has this “super ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis high tech stuff going on”.


  • Don’t sleep more. Sleep well.
  • Don’t sleep less, sleep enough.

You can read here for more tips to improve sleep quality as well.


What else am I missing? More info you can always ask my Health and fitness guru Hilmi Anwar here.


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