The Art Of Fat Loss: 3 Pathways To Lose Fats

3 ways to achieve fat loss

Now that you have understood the General Rule of Thumb for fat loss, you need to know how to achieve them.

Around the world, you will see different types of fitness and health conscious people. Especially in the way each of Weighing scalethem works towards fat loss.

I still remember discussing the best way to lose fats with a group of trainers. I for one, am super lazy to cook and not a fan of running.

It all ended up with suggestions like

  • “Running and more running, eat less.”
  • “Eat meat in the morning and lesser as the days goes by”
  • I’m like “Just eat anything you want but in small portions, also ensure you still have fruits and veggies and do HIIT always”

Well, we never really come to a consensus. Everyone has their own way of doing things right?

So, you have to know which pathways suits you?..

Let’s take a look at the different type of fitness groups.


The Brutes


For some who are known for their self-absorbed, undying desire to have a body as hard as a rock and a physique as praiseworthy as Arnold, would spend more quality time in the gym than with their partners.

Yes, these people are tough, sexy, and have build muscles in every part of their body including parts which are unimaginable.

Their philosophy of fitness is to gain as much weight as they can and then turn them to muscles. It still works well. You get ripped and an attractive figure.

Even if they are not into weight lifting, they would still be active in any kind of sports. They would do any sort of activity that raises their heart rate.

The fact still stays, muscles will help to burn fats and increase your metabolism. So you will get leaner as your muscles grow bigger.

For this case, they are using more calories than they are taking in and so the rule of thumb applies to this too.

If they are eating only 2500kcal a day and their body need 2500kcal/day, then their weight will maintain.

But with the additional physical activities they are doing, they will burn more than 2500/day which will cause fat loss.

The Pro’s

  • You will burn fat and lose weight.
  • You will get the benefits of exercising.
  • You can eat almost anything you want.

The Con’s

  • You are taking in high fatty foods that might plug your arteries.
  • You may not out-exercise your diet and so you end up being fatter.
  • Exercising may increase appetite causing you to eat more than you should.
  • You may develop other health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • You may end up giving up as your results are not quick and may actually be worst than before.


The Archer/Snipers/Assasins


For some who are known as hardcore believers of the popular saying “Abs are made in the kitchen” have learned a subtle and less aggressive way of losing fat.

It is as if their excess weight just disappeared to thin air day by day like an assassin working its way through the silent night to kill its victim one by one.

What are their secrets?

Well, they would just reduce calories in any way they can. Like really starve themselves, but they usually skip the exercise part.

You won’t find them with the greatest physique and fitness level. They are just simply not fat.

This group of people reduces their calorie intake while still using up the same average amount of calorie for their daily activities.

When their body needs 2500kcal/day but they are only eating 1000-1500kcal/day, the body starts to lose fats (along with other weights as well)

The Pro’s

  • You will burn fat along with water and some muscle weight.
  • You will feel better if you reduce the calories progressively and take in more nutritious foods.
  • You will save a lot of money.
  • You will reduce inflammation causing diseases and other types of sickness related to eating unhealthy food.
  • You don’t have to exercise all the time.

The Con’s

  • It is hard to reduce food intake without a strong will.
  • You may lose more than fats, as protein intake will be reduced too.
  • You may get malnutrition.
  • You may feel hungry all the time.
  • You will not have a strong body



…….Then there are those who tries to achieve both. These are the few chosen ones who dares to follow a ruthless path…..

These people, I called them

The Dark Lords/Rebels/Athletes

Dark Lord

These are people who go against the body comfort zone to the extreme. They have gone to a place where not many humans will ever step foot on.

Like the top of Mt. Everest or the deepest ocean bed.

Your body will shed so much fat if you take on this foreboding pathway of doom to fat loss. It requires absolute discipline and high level of motivation with an unwavering spirit to be able to do it this way.

What you are expected to do is to have a proper rigorous and progressive workout and diet plan that helps you achieve an excellent athletic body as well as losing so much body fat you will have abs to show off.

You want to look firm, get strong with 6 abs, looking lean and sexy? Then do it this way. Become one with the Darkside.

This group of people challenge their body by reducing their daily calorie intake and also increasing their physical activities.

This is the most effective fat burning, body-sculpturing method you can apply if you are up for it.

The Pro’s

  • Lose fat a lot
  • Get a sexy, lean and fit body
  • Feel, move and live better
  • Your whole life will change towards positivity
  • People will respect you and make you their idol
  • Over all, health is improved as well

The Con’s

  • Need a lot of motivation, support and proper goal settings to stay on it
  • Might get injured if do it alone
  • Might not be consistent without support
  • It takes more time and effort
  • It burrrrnnnnsssss…


Bottom Line is..

What have you got to lose or to gain in your life?

If you are proud and “ok” with how things are in your life and about yourself, then you do not have to try any of these ways.

But, if you think you should do something about it, then find out which way suits you first. It may be impossible to start being athletic straight away.

Some might need to get used to proper diet first or some might try out with weekly exercises first.It all depends on your comfort level, ability and willingness.

Whatever it is, the only way to be healthy is to be fit. To be fit you must live like an athlete.

Which way do you prefer?

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