Warning!: Losing Weight Might Actually Be Bad For You

Lose weight

Time to start that diet

You told yourself “I’m going to start losing weight!”

You went to the gym that very same day. You signed up for a gym membership that comes with a free training session.

Gym with machines

You almost freaked out when you got to know your personal trainer was a tall, handsome and muscular guy.

You could see his toned and big biceps clearly as he was wearing a sleeveless Under Armor shirt.

His shoulders and chest were wide and broad. He had brown, almond shaped eyes. 

His black hair was shining, reflecting the light from the ceiling and it was neatly kept. His smile was cute and he even had a perfect dimple.

You could see his white, proportion teeth, and you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling widely as well.

You tried your best to hold yourself together as he came nearer.

You said to him with fiery eyes and firm voice “I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT..I BELIEVE I CAN DO IT”

Then, he just smiled and shook his head and said “Nope. I don’t think you want to do any of that anyway.”

You were totally taken aback, you glared at him, waiting for him to say “I was just joking” but he kept smiling at you.

You felt completely annoyed and embarrassed. You turned away from him, left the gym and stomped your way back home.

You kept asking yourself, “Why did he say that?”


Unlikely situation

Even though the situation above is very rare, anyone would feel confused if a person who has a job of helping people lose weight, told you not to lose weight.

In fact, The personal trainer should not have said something like that directly to a new comer.

The truth is, many people are still misinformed about the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

In this article, you will know the exactly why did the personal trainer say something so hurtful.


The difference between weight loss and fat loss

These are the definition of weight loss and fat loss.

Weight loss: To lose anything from the body that adds up to the total amount of weight a person weighs. This includes the skin, fat, bone, muscle, organs, blood, water, and everything that makes up the human body.

Fat loss: To lose fat. That’s it.

Now I would like to ask you, do you want to keep things simple or complicated?

I would choose simple.

We need to keep it straightforward and specific when it comes to losing fat.

I think you would rather lose a few kilos of fat than an organ right?

You want to lose belly FAT, not belly WEIGHT. You surely don’t want to end up like a prisoner of war.


“ITS OK. I’m just losing weiiiiiig…..hhhttt…*bleeding profusely from a spot where your belly used to be..a few seconds later everything goes black*.”

Now you know why did the personal trainer looked down on you?


Never trust a weighing scale

Weighing scales are like insurance agents. They never, and I mean never tell the truth (sorry I have to use you guys as an example).

You can weigh yourself to your heart’s content, and you will just end up confused.

The thing is, your weight fluctuates and changes aggressively every few hours.

A friend of mine whose goals is to gain weight, was so happy when he noticed a +3kg increase to his weight. But before bed time, when he weighed himself again, it went down to his previous weight.

Of course, he would get disappointed after that.

The truth is, weighing scales are built to scam.


Some ways your weighing scale might be scamming you

  • You might think you are gaining or losing fat, but it might be water weight or the partially digested food you had for lunch.
  •  Low carbs diet would show a drastic weight loss in the first two weeks. This is due to reduced in carbs. Carbs bind with water that causes water retention. “Less carbs means less water.”
  • When you do resistance training, you might end up gaining weight. This increase in weight is due to muscle growth or might be other cause as well.
  •  A person who weighs the same might look slimmer or fatter due to his body fat percentage or height.


3 Ways Your Body Might Be Losing Weight

Water Loss

Water loss is more apparent for those who follow a low-carbohydrate type diet. As carbs will retain 3 times as much water compare to other macronutrients like protein or fat.

Many people following this type of diet will be amazed at the amount of weight they had lost, but sadly, it is mostly water.

Muscle Loss

According to Dr. Joel Seedman, less food may result in less protein intake. Less protein means your muscles will not get enough protein to maintain itself.  So, you will start a process called muscle atrophy or losing muscles.

If you do exercises, sports or any workout without proper nutrition, this condition may happen too.

Fat Loss

Fat loss happens when you use up more energy than what you take in, but it is almost impossible to achieve total fat loss without losing some water and muscle weight as what was described above.

Imagine losing all of these three things, you will probably end up looking small and weak.

I’m sure you would want to look attractive and not like a sick person.

So how do you know those weights are comprised of fat or water or muscle?


You go back to the past

How did our ancestors, like way back during the cavemen times knew they were losing fats and not simply weights?(We will assume that there were cavemen who were on a fat-loss program and were trying to find ways to monitor their progress)

They feel. Easy as that.

To get visible abs, it would need an average guy to drop his body fat to at least 10-12%.

If you can feel your abs and even see them clearly sticking out like as if they are small patches of agriculture land when you are looking below from an airplane, then you have low body fats.

How do you know you are not losing muscle too?

Same thing. Just FEEL.

You will be able to tell that you are still fit and strong. if you can still do 30 push up easily, 15 pull ups like nothing and maybe an infinite amount of squats followed by a 3km run.

According to Dr. Seedman,

If you see more than two pounds (1 kg) disappear in a week, you’re dealing with more than just fat loss. You will be losing mostly water and some muscle weight as well.

Other ways

Fat calipers

A fat caliper is a great tool. I used it once a week to keep track of my body fat%.

It may not be as accurate as a karada scanner or a blood test, but it is still a useful tool for those who just wants to monitor and gauge their total body fat%.


Like I said before, I like to keep things simple. Mirror and fat calipers are the only two tools I use nowadays to see how much I have achieved.

It still gives me that longing satisfaction knowing that I’m progressively losing body fat and that my continuous efforts are worthwhile.

Every week, your abs should be slowly emerging from its “deep abyss” IF you are doing the exercises and diet plan correctly and consistently.


I have no idea why it is call as such, but it simply means to measure the circumference of your body parts. I wonder how did our ancestors choose which words to mean which things. Girth???..What does it have to do with waists???

Anyway, measuring certain parts of your body with a measuring tape is an excellent way to track progress as well.

Whether you are trying to gain muscle or lose fat it can be used to measure them as well.

Of course, if you are measuring girth to monitor muscle growth, it has to be muscle growth in the first place. Not Fat.

Karada Scanner

This my friend is a gift from god.

Really, it amazes me so much the first time I use it. It can make you feel  either depress or ecstatic with just a push of a button: “Start Scanning”

Many people are afraid to use it as it really shows your “true colors”.

Try not to force your wife or GF to use it. Trust me. It doesn’t end well.

What does it scan?

Everything from Body fat%, Weight, Subcutaneous Fats, Visceral Fats, Body Age, Metabolic Rate, I forgot some others.

I am only able to use it once or twice a month when I go to AnytimeFitness gym as they allow the public to use theirs.

I will get myself one once I save up enough cash. You should too.

Knowing that your body age is older than your actual age is a great motivation to start living healthily.


What to do next?

It takes 2-3 weeks for the body to show any significant changes. Always perform strength training along with cardio exercises to enhance weight loss and to keep an attractive figure.

Be patient and keep measuring your progress the right way too.

I hope you are convinced enough to throw away your weighing scale now. Like right now.

Put it in a plastic bag. Shove it into the dustbin chute.

Wait. Wait. Unless its a karada scanner with a weighing scale function, that’s useful.


Bottom Line Is..

  •  Lose fat, not weight. Weight might not mean fats. It might mean losing precious muscles. Or blood…or organs..
  • Don’t trust weighing scales. They dont show your fat percentage. Use other things like fat calipers, mirror, measuring tapes. A Karada Scanner is the best tool you should have at home.
  • Keep your motivation high by measuring properly and take note of every small progress, don’t lose hope. It takes time. Good things always takes time.
  • In a Malay proverb, we believe that we should work hard in the initial phase to obtain an easy life in the future. This can be for the hereafter as well if you believe that heaven exist:)

I end off with..

O you who believe! be patient and excel in patience and remain steadfast, and be careful of (your duty to) Allah, that you may be successful. Quran 3:200

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