How To Make A Realistic And Achievable Goal


Setting realistic and achievable goals can be difficult and impossible for most us.

Every one of us has something to achieve in our lives.

Whether to get a promotion, to get a job, to find a wife and a husband, to be a good wife and husband, all of these requires specific, realistic and achievable goals.

The only way to achieve your goal is to break down your goals into smaller, short-term goals.

So that it will be easy for you to implement.

When it is easy, you will be able to achieve the actual, long-term goals.


How Having A Realistic Goal Save Jessica’s Husband

Have you heard about the story of how the sacrifice of a wife saved the fate of the whole family?

It was about Jessica, Norman, and their two children.

Norman was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and was told that his life was at stake.

The only way for his situation to improve was to have a liver transplant.

Norman and his family were poor and the small town they lived in did not provide any funds or even had any healthy donor for the transplant to take place.

Jessica agreed to donate a part of her liver to lengthen Norman’s life for now, but the problem was, Jessica was obese and the only way for Jessica to donate her liver was to lose weight and improve her lifestyle.

Jessica had no other choice but to start losing weight.

Day after day, Jessica woke up earlier for a quick jog around her village.

She had to change her diet as well.

She only ate veggies and some meat in small portions.

Jessica had less time to prepare for proper food since then.

Somedays the children would show tantrum as the food Jessica had prepared didn’t taste well.

Jessica and Norman had kept this news a secret from the children. They didn’t want them to get worried.

At first it was very hard for her, but she kept on going, she persevered.

Days became weeks, weeks became months.

Then she saw improvements. She felt more energetic, her waist shrunk, she was happier,and most importantly, she had the energy to prepare nicer meals too.

During these few months she dropped almost 30kg and improved her cardio fitness.

Finally, She decided to see the doctor to check whether she was ready for the transplant.

The doctor said it was ok for her to donate a part of her liver now.

The transplant took place afterwards.

Norman’s children only got to know about the news when he was already halfway through the operation.

They were really shocked and resented their childish behaviours.

After a few hours, Jessica and her children received the good news.

Everything went well.

After that successful transplant, Norman’s health improved dramatically as the days went by.

Jessica was relieved that her effort was worthwhile.


Why Most Of Us Never Achieve Our Goals

The problem with the average human, including me, is that we tend to look at our goals as something that is very far away – Unreachable.

It is because we have been taught that “We should aim for the stars, at least if we fall, We would hit the moon”

Now, I’m not saying that is wrong, but most of us failed at figuring out “How to operate a space shuttle” or “How to get a license to operate a space shuttle”.

We don’t even know how get to space for a start.

Lessons From Jessica’s Life

We should be like Jessica. Her goal was to donate a part of her liver, but because of her obesity, she had to lose weight first.

Her first priority was to find time to run which was in the early morning. Then she had to change her diet too.

Once Jessica have seen improvements she adjusted her goals accordingly to achieve more.

She did this progressively until she had achieved her ulimate goal.

“30kg weight loss and succesfully transplant a part of her liver for her one and only.”


How to Set S.M.A.R.T + U Goals

What Jessica did was a strategic way to achieve her goal.

Unknowingly, she had used an effective and popular goal setting strategy called S.M.A.R.T.

This is usually what a “smart” goal setting looks like.


A goal has to be specific. Not just something like I want to lose fat or I want to feel good.

It has to be “I want to lose 10kg” or “I want to gain 10kg muscle”. Remind yourself if you can still ask the question “what do you mean?” to the goals that you have, then you need to make it more specific.


M: It has to be MEASURABLE

You must be able to see the progress and the difference from the day you started.

If it’s about being good at a sport or losing weight, you have to be able to measure the difference and see the progress in it.

You started off being at 80kg this week and in one month time you are able to reduce your weight to 70kg.

That is a difference of 10kg, so this goal is measurable.

Same thing, if you want to be good in running.

The way to measure it is to time yourself and see a decrease in timing or an increase in distance covered in one month.

If it’s something like “I want to run faster or I want to look slimmer”, it can’t be measured at all.



Your willingness to achieve your goals is important as well. There is no use having a specific goal that is spread perfectly over a 10 year period but you are not willing to do it.

If someone were to tell me that if I save $100/month, I could get myself a decent DIY gaming PC in just a year. That would be great. But the problem is I am not interested at all.

Your goals have to be centered around your passion, your needs, and your wants. So you WILL work on it no matter what.


R: It has to be REALISTIC

I thought of marrying a celebrity once. I had 10 years to save my money, 10 years of building up my charm, and 10 years to think about how to win her heart.

Well, it’s not realistic.

Be realistic about your goals, if it is attainable ensure that you have the resources like time and knowledge.

If you are going to lose 10kg of weight in 2 months time, do you know what exercise you should do, what kind of diet is safe for you, and when is the right moment to do them?

If you don’t, then your current goal should be getting someone to help you on these things first.


T: You should give enough TIME for your goals.

Would you be able to read and memorize 10 topics from your Biology textbook in 1 month? I don’t think so.

If you can, do contact me, I need your brain.

Can you even increase your running distance from 2km to 200km in a day? Maybe you can. In an ambulance.

The time you give yourself has to be reasonable as well. Know your limits and your capabilities well.

Once you know how good you are at studying or doing certain things, determining the time to achieve a goal would be easier.


U: Now you would be thinking what’s the last letter U stands for. It simply means UNSINFUL.

Yes, your goals must be unsinful. There are countless people whose goals are to be the next sugar daddy, sugar mommy, get a new fling, find a scandal, rob the World Bank, or worst destroy countries and spread terrorism.

As a Muslim, I am totally against this.

I will not stand by and watch innocent people get killed and your loved ones get hurt without saying or doing anything.

Even a prayer and some donations can make a difference.

Well, if your goals are aligned with the devil’s, I certainly hope you don’t get burnt along with him in the hereafter.


Don’t Lose Sight Of It

Once you figure out the 5 points to set goals, it is time to put it to work and get it done consistently.

Like I say if it is something you need to do, something you desire. You will never treat it like a chore.

If you can’t achieve that goal within the time you have given yourself, then you should review your goals and break it up into smaller and attainable ones.

Don’t give yourself excuses that once you failed to achieve your goal, you will always fail at achieving it.

You are wrong.

Successful people break their goals into many pieces until they feel they get the hang of it.

They celebrate every little success they achieved.

Same thing for you, even if it’s like “oh I manage not to drink any sweet drinks for 1 hour, I deserve a frappe tonight!”

So be it. As long as you are working towards your goals slowly and surely.


Let God Do The Rest

What else to do? Tawakkal…

We let God do the rest..

We put in effort..we plan..we organise…we execute..

But in the end.. God is the one who determines..

At least, we tried and will not be questioned “Why didn’t you do this and that…” in the hereafter..

What about you? Have you been achieving your goals in life?

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