Don’t Just Be Strong In Iman, But Be Strong Physically Too


Have you ever felt that sometimes you are eagerly praying extra rakaat’s, reciting more pages from the Quran, giving out more charity and the next day, all you feel like doing is watching Animes or Running Man all day long?(Hope it’s not just me:P)

You wondered where did all of that powerful Iman you felt went too just after a day. Your enthusiasm seemed to have faded.

Just like you, most of us go through an increase and decrease in Iman. Some go through it on different days and occasions. Some even experience a change in their state within a day. During the day he is all good and innocent, but at night you see him party like a rock star.

To prevent this, it is important that we put in effort consistently in strengthening our Iman. However, the strength we have in our mind and soul is as important as the strength we have in our physical bodies as well.

What good can a bed-ridden Muslim do for the community? What contributions can a young man do when he is prone to sickness and injuries while there are people to protect?


How to be strong spiritually

Peaceful life

Most of us know by now that the level of our iman is directly proportionate to our eagerness to perform good deeds.

When our iman is high, our prayers seemed to be peaceful, and we are more immersed in it. We would read one or two more pages of the Quran, and somehow we don’t give excuses for not giving charity – The usual “I have no small change.”

Have we ever noticed what caused that increase in iman? Was it after listening to a speech by one of your favorite speaker? Was it after realising that you only have a few weeks to live?

Obviously, the number of reasons are impossible to list on, but have we ever thought of how can we prevent our iman from going down the drain? It is that spur of a moment when you feel lazy and demotivated, and you feel like being a lil bit “naughty”. Do you know how to activate your “safety lever” to save yourself from yourself?

Here are a few ways to do just that.

1) Train your mind to think good things. Think of positive, pure thoughts.

It is said that what we think about in our minds will eventually be translated into our actions. Everything starts from the mind and our intention. If we think good things and yearn to do good things than insyaAllah, you will do good Positive changes affect other parts of your lifethings.

Always train your mind to be busy with positivity. In this case, you should zikr, or you can even sing along nasyeeds. Our Prophet also mentioned that there are “Two words are light on the tongue, weigh heavily in the balance(rewards), they are loved by the Most Merciful One” (SahihMuslim)

سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ وَبِحَمْدِهِ سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ الْعَظِيم
SubhanAllahiwabiHamdihi, SubhanAllahiladheem
(Glory be to Allah, and Praise, Glory be to Allah, the Supreme)

2) Stay away from major and minor sins.

Do you know that just by not doing sins, you are rewarded for that?  You are rewarded for thinking about bad deeds, but not doing it in the end. Next time you start to hear whispers from your Nafs and the Shaytan, interrupt their whispering, and sing the “I have a pen and pineapple song.”

You will get rewarded because you stop yourself from doing sin!:D

3) Never miss your 5 daily prayers

Prayers are the pillars of Islam. It will prevent you from doing things that will lead you astray from the right path if it is done sincerely and consistently. You will feel the difference because the prayers you have done will be your shield. Like an automatic defense mechanism which fends off the enemy from entering your sacred heart.

Doing the prayers in congregation is recommended too. Especially with your family. It is rewarded with 70 folds more, and you get to bond with your family and make new connections.

4) Muhasabah. Or reflect on yourself.

One of the Sunnah of our Prophet PBUH is to reflect on the day before sleep. What you have done, what could have been better and so on. It is a time where you do your own “feedback session”.baby-mirror-effect

You will start to see that there are many rooms for improvements just like a typical debrief session after an event that you had.

5) Train yourself to have good Akhlak

It might seem like far-fetched to suddenly start being more courteous and kind towards the people you like or not. Especially, when people know you as someone who is quite a rude and hot-headed person.

Well, know this by hard that Allah s.w.t loves those who always repent and those who are patient. No matter how many times you fail to change, try and try again.

Physical strength and good health are important too

Talk about strength in Islam and most of us would only think about our level of Iman, the level of patience and good akhlak.

A good Muslim is one who has both – Taqwa and Good Health

Just look at our Prophet PBUH and his companions.They went to war, they build mosques together with their bare hands, and they go hunting and do manual labor. Most of the time they would travel by feet too. Not to forget, our Prophet PBUH was good at wrestling.

All of these requires stamina, muscle endurance, and strength.

Imagine if they were people who were obese, sick, and lazy? Do you think they would be willing to migrate from Makkah to Madina? Would they be able to withstand the harshness of wars in the scorching desert?

We are so much different compared to them, isn’t it? We are either too focus on spreading da’wah that we neglect our fitness or for some others, it is the total opposite. Fitness junkies spend so much time training, but they forget about spreading da’wah, about Islamic values and such.

Though there are those who neither care about their health nor their deen. May Allah s.w.t open their hearts and mind.

I believe when we have our priorities and intention only towards spreading goodness and to obtain Allah’s Rahmah, we will understand that having a fit body and a strong state of Iman matters in this life and the afterlife.

How to get fit you may ask? Well you can start by reading some of the articles in the fitness section. The important thing is to keep moving, be active and help others along the way.

What about you? Do you think we should put aside time for fitness or is it just okay to accept what we are right now?

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