Ask Yourself, How Is Your Iman Doing?

 Nightmare, Nightmare on Elm Street

 That morning was unlike any other morning.

You jolted from your bed when you heard the sound of someone sobbing and wailing nearby. You could hear it clearly as though that person is in the room but the sound was muffled.

“Who’s there, dad?” You asked in a worried voice. You stood up, scratched your eyes and slowly walked towards the source of the sound. You were still unsure of what or who was making that sound, but it sounded so familiar. You let out a sigh and rubbed your eyes again, squinting hard trying to see who was in your room.

It was still very early in the morning. The sky was dark, and there was no light coming from the living room either.

“Dad? Are you ok?” Your voice started to shake as you start to think of scary thoughts. Then the sobbing stopped and suddenly,


A loud thunderous voice shocked you. Your body jerked subconsciously, as you gasp reacting to the sudden loud voice. You turned around and looked left and right. Your heart was racing fast. There was no one there.

Prisoner of war just like a weakened ImanThen you noticed that your reflection in the mirror was very odd.

The man in the mirror looked like someone from the prisoner of war. He had ragged clothes and pants. It had patches of holes, almost revealing his rib cage. There seemed to be no meat left on his body. He was like a skeleton with clothes on. His eyes were fiery, glaring at you as if ready to strike you down any moment. He was slouching and breathing heavily. You could see his saliva dripping from the sides of his mouth.

“Whaat the.?” Your voice trembled.

“You have neglected me for so long that you have forgotten all about me?” The skinny man replied. He sounded depressed again. His eyes were filled with tears.

You walked closer to the mirror, taking baby steps at a time. You moved your arms and the figure in the mirror did too. You were sure that that was your reflection.

Your mind was in a whirl; you couldn’t come up with any words to say. You stood there, unable to move.

“Don’t let me suffer..Don’t let me suffer..pleaseee…”, The skinny guy pleaded.

While you were trying to get yourself together, you heard your favorite song in the background. It got louder and louder and,


It was the sound of your alarm ringtone coming from your handphone. You looked around feeling confused as you realized that it was just a dream.

You leaped out of bed and ran towards the mirror, rubbing your face. You could feel beads of perspiration rolling down. You panted heavily thinking about the dream. Staring at yourself wondering what was it all about.

After having that dream you know you will not look into a mirror the same way ever again. You know you will always have a sunken feeling in your chest every time you look at your reflection.


Feed your soul like how you would feed your body

Who do you think the man in the mirror was?

Ustad Syafie, a religious preacher and one of the well-known speaker once shared with us of how our soul would be like if we do not nourish it with good deeds.

It will get skinny and left to suffer like how harshly prisoners of wars would be treated, but our physical-self will never notice it because the nafs(desire) will always make sure that the soul is locked deep underneath the darkest dungeon.

The more we entertain the nafs, the harder it is to free the soul from being tortured.

So stop whatever you are doing. Ask yourself “How are you Iman, are you feeling well?

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