10 Reasons Why You Should Get Fit Before Getting Married

Reasons to get fit before wedding

” I need to start running again…argh..the big day is just a few weeks ahead, and I’m not sure I can fit into any of the wedding suits…”

If this sounds familiar to you, well, I can’t imagine how disastrous would that be.

A friend of mine had to wear a corset for his wedding because he couldn’t fit into one of his wedding suits without feeling breathless.

At least he found a way to solve that “bulging” problem.

Gaining weight before your wedding could mean a mind-boggling problem for most of us. We tend to sleep less and eat more during the wedding planning time, and so, gaining weight is not surprising. Those who are conscious about how they look would start thinking about extreme diets or doing long hours of exercises.

To look good in a wedding dress would be the main reason why anyone would want to lose weight or in this case, flabby areas around the body before the wedding, but we should know that there are other long-term benefits that come along with it too.

Below, I have listed 10 awesome benefits of getting fit before we think about procreating (legally of course).


1) I am the guardian of this house, the protector for the weak and young.


You don’t have to be buff, but gaining lean muscle and being stronger than you already are would benefit you in many ways. Your bones and muscles get stronger, which allows you to perform physically demanding tasks with ease and without getting injured.

If you’re a guy, that would mean you are the Imam or the head of the family, wouldn’t it be right to act like the alpha male?

You’ll be the one doing most of the physically challenging things and as the leader of the tribe, you’re the defender and a protector for the family. It would be a disgrace to let the ladies do the hard labor.

For Ladies? Imagine not being able to carry your child for a few more minutes because of the lack of strength and endurance when they are in need of your warmth and cuddles.

So get those free weights and start doing 1-minute dumbbell holds.


2) Drink this potion; it increases your HP (Health Points).

No one wants to pass on without seeing their sons and daughters grow up big and happy. It is disheartening knowing young parents leaving their children at young age.

When you keep fit from a young age, you are saving your future self. The burn and pain you feel when you work that sweat off will eventually be your gain in the future.

A study has shown that those who started being active at a young age lower their chances of getting cardiac related diseases like a heart attack in the future.


3) Don’t waste money on medical bills!


Having a chronic disease is a pain in the neck for you and the whole family.

Do you know what it’s like going for frequent medical check-ups, traveling back and forth to the hospital only to learn that your health is getting worst after every check-up?

It isn’t just a waste of money, but time and energy too.

It is proven that regular exercise can prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart-related diseases. Even if it does not prevent, it will still delay the possibility.

Why not invest your time and money to keep fit so you wouldn’t have to suffer in the future. That amount of time and money you would spend on healthcare could be used for your children education or household items.


4) Less arguing, more love


Having a good fitness level affects your hormones that help you deal with stressful moments better.

In fact, it is shown that if you are stress, you should workout more. In one way or another, it helps to channel those negative energy you build up in your head to the other parts of your body so you would feel more relaxed.

I’m not sure how applicable this tip is, but when your wifey goes all rageful and demonic at the wrong time, like when you are watching soccer, pause the T.V and listen to her. Like REALLY listen to her, try to nod your head and reply when necessary because I know the importance of listening, after lots of failed relationships that is.

Once her ranting ends, do a quick burst of push-ups and sit-ups, it might just calm you down. Let those anger fade away while you get blood into your head.

So you’ll end up not arguing with wifey anymore. Good idea right?


5) That toned abs though..


Picture Source

Who are we kidding when we say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?

Humans are born attracted to beautiful things. An only depressed person would look at a perfect rainbow and go “Ewww”. Yes, of course, love is blind and that I do agree.

When it comes to our appearance, most of us would want to look good, feel good, most importantly to impress our partners. In fact, we are told to keep ourselves clean, neat and to look good as a Muslim. Our prophet (p.b.u.h) was slim and fit even at the age of 40+, he always emphasized on cleanliness and looking neat because he understands the benefits of looking good too.

Having toned abs and an hourglass body don’t only make us feel good about ourselves, but the process of getting that figure helps to destroy visceral fats which are responsible for many chronic diseases like type 2-diabetes, heart diseases and strokes.


6) Here comes our first baby!

This is understood as a very sensitive thing.

When tactless relatives or friends start to ask the unavoidable question, anyone would feel upset and embarrassed. Especially if you know you are the one who has the medical disorder. Even though it is not within our power to have a child, we can still do our best in keeping our reproductive organs and fertility healthy.

Research has shown that women who exercise regularly, even if they spend a small amount of time brisk walking, has a higher chance of having a baby. Yes, good news for newlyweds and those getting married!.


7) Yeaaa babyy yeaaa… ~ Austin Power

austin power

Picture Source

One interesting fact about our fitness level is that it tends to affect our sexual performance as it may improve the level of satisfaction we have during sexual intercourse.

“Dude, You’re not even married, and you’re thinking about that?”

I know that. That is why we, single hunks and ladies should prepare ourselves early. So we don’t “disappoint” our one and only on the bed. Get it?

Exercise has shown to reduce the possibility of erectile dysfunction and also the likelihood of impotence. Not to mention that having strong abs allows a person to feel more pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Impotence and erectile dysfunction have affected many couples. That is why it is not something we should take lightly.


8) Ever thought of becoming a part of Cullen Family?

The cullen family

Well, not literally.

Sorry, but you won’t get to extend your lifespan for another 1000 years by being fit. What fitness can guarantee though is that you will not only look younger, but you will also end up becoming younger. YES!

“…intense exercise also boosts your body’s natural production of human growth hormone (HGH), a synergistic, foundational biochemical that boosts vigor and youthfulness…. In fact, HGH is often referred to as “the fitness hormone,” for its invigorating, age-defying effects,” Says Dr Mercola.

Ever seen a 50-year-old man looked like he is still in his 30’s? It’s all about the hormones.


9) Wow, what a great sleep. It must be the new bed.

Do you wish to have the type of sleep that gives you that refreshing feeling after you wake up, but you just don’t know how to?

The answer is simple, what you need is quality sleep and not just the amount of sleep.

Quality sleep depends on many factors. The comfort of your body, your body temperature, digestive state, brain activity, emotional state, the atmosphere of the surrounding, time, and of course the person beside you.

A violent sleeper or someone who snores like a hungry dragon is not the best person to sleep with.

The good thing is that if you exercise regularly, you will definitely have a better sleep. Researchers from the Northwestern University has proven that regular exercise, especially those who did 30-40 minutes of aerobics 4-times a week managed to improve their sleep quality compare to those who led an inactive lifestyle.


10) Reduce tiredness when doing house chores or after coming home from work.

House cleaning

Regular exercise improves your stamina and blood circulation. An increase in stamina and cardio health will help you a lot when doing physical work. Even as simple as giving you more boost of energy when walking up the hill or for long distance.

Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of that heavy panting every time you walked from the office to the bus-stop even though it is just 200m away?

With improved stamina, you could have more time for:

– Family bonding
– Family outing
– Outdoor games/sports
– Jemaah prayer at the mosque
– Volunteer work
– Part-time classes

Not many people are willing to do all this after work as working life or even house chores would drain most of their energy. The only way to solve this problem is to increase the capacity of our energy by getting fitter!


We need to remind ourselves about these few benefits as a way to make us be consistent in keeping fit.

– Fitness prevents or delays chronic diseases from happening
– Fitness helps to improve our muscle and bone strength and health
– Fitness makes us feel good about ourselves
– Fitness will help you reduce stress
– Fitness improves our quality of life

Getting yourself fit earlier when you are still at a younger age will help you develop it as a habit that stays forever. Once you have a family, you will tend stick to those habits and with that, your family will get influenced by you too. You will not only do good to yourself but also towards your entire family.

This does not mean that you should not be active when you’re already married with kids though. We should all keep fit at all times. Don’t you agree?

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