Understanding Nutrition: What is Food Made Up Of?


Food is just like the air we breathe. It is what every living thing can’t live without.

Understanding just the basic of nutrition helps a lot when we plan our meals.

The food that we eat contains all the nutrients any living thing needs to survive, but our body needs differ from each other, and different food contains different amount of nutrients. Some are harmful, and some are not.

Anyway, Let’s take a look at the fundamentals of food components. The Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients.

Nutrients inside of food

Now that we know the different types of Macro and Micro-nutrients and it’s functions, we should be aware of how important it is to have them in our meals daily.  Our body needs a specific amount of each nutrient to function healthily or a balanced diet.

This is where the concept of Halal Toyyiban comes in.

Islam teaches us to eat not only food that are from Halal sources, but from good sources. We tend to focus only on the Halal term but neglect the Toyyiban which means something that is good. Good sources wouldn’t harm the body in the long run.

A balanced diet, it doesn’t mean we should have all of them in equal amounts. We just have to satisfy the body’s needs by diversifying our food.

Sometimes when we do not have them in the right quantity, symptoms will start to show like headaches, dry skin, weight gain or weight loss.

When this goes on for years and years, we will be at risk of chronic diseases. This doesn’t happen to all of us, especially those lucky ones who stayed healthy and slim throughout their lives no matter what type of diet they eat.

I hope that every one of us will start learning how to prepare balanced meals. Even if it taste yucky, think about the benefits in the long run or, we can find out how to make them tasty.

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