5 Tips On How to Have a Perfect Life Even if Life is Imperfect


The question is why are we looking for perfection? Why bother if we know it never exist and that we will never achieve it?

The answer is quite simple which is, to achieve perfection are humans main reason to continue living. We will always learn from past mistakes. We adapt to changes. We strive to be better than yesterday because it is in our nature to always seek evolution, to seek change.

5 tips you can apply in your life

1) We need to understand life and have a purpose

No matter what your purpose is, the main thing is that it should be strong enough to help you go through difficult times and at the same time motivate you to achieve more in life. To achieve happiness, to be successful or to lead a meaningful life, all of this has different meanings. No matter what the definitions are, one thing that all of agree is that we don’t want to live a life full of regrets.

2) We need to plan our life

Long term and short term planning are important as it gives us an objective to work towards in an organised manner. Planning on a short term basis helps us get things done without jumbling up our priorities. I can’t go on a day without filling up my To Do List. I’ve tried going on a day without it, and I felt so unproductive with more tasks being pushed forward the next day. If you’re like me, you should spend 10-15 mins every night before bed to plan what you can do the next day.

For long term planning, it’s just better to have a clear view of what would you want to be in the future. Plan the future like how it used to be during your school days. Seek ways to upgrade yourself and achieve more things.

3) We need to contemplate and be grateful

My health, body, family, safety, and sustenance, are all blessings that I never asked for and yet I’ve forgotten that it was already given to me way back then until this very moment. So what if I’m not as good looking as Tom Cruise, or as clever as the guy who kept missing lectures but ends up with a Honors Degree, or maybe I’ve realized I’m just not good with the ladies. Don’t compare to those that have more than you. Look at those who are less fortunate and remind yourselves of everything that you already have. These blessings are priceless. So be grateful and stop being dreadful.

4) No man is an Island

The despair of living in loneliness is what makes us in need of a companionship of at least another person in our lives. Be it a single person who would stick with us to the ends of the world, it is better than being alone. Being stuck in the room for days and weeks would make me feel groggy and I find myself getting depressed, overwhelmed by extreme boredom.There is a reason we are called social beings. So, get out there socialize! Find yourself a companion, friend or partner.

5) Do good even when you are not rewarded and are not seen.

Have you ever heard the popular saying that kindness increases one’s happiness level? That doing good to others gives comfort to the heart? It’s true isn’t it?
Charity comes in many forms. As long as you benefit someone and because of that act, you carve a smile on the person’s face, that is a form of charity. A true noble act is when you perform a good deed without even remembering that you have done it. It becomes a part of your nature and a habit that we don’t realize it until someone compliments us.


I wish that to achieve perfection in life is just as easy as doing this 5 steps, but no one would agree on that. I wouldn’t too. Life is hard and it will just get harder. What we have to do is to keep on striving and hoping to be better than we were yesterday. Because, there are people who needs us and there are others who we need too, we can’t afford to give in to life challenges just yet. We have to stick together, stand up straight, look up and carry on living with a will that will never be shattered. So what characteristics or skills do you think would help us go through life productively?

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