8 Simple Ways To Get Fit and Lose Fat For Busy Adults

Simple ways to get fit and burn fat

Often many of us who let out a deep sigh at the thought of performing long hours of cardio would realize how strenuous it is trying to get fit. Working life and even life after work isn’t making it any easier at all.

We are all trying out dozens of workouts and diets that claimed to help us to get the best results. But, when reality kicks in, it’s hard to stay consistent and motivated. It becomes a grind.

Even for those who have already been doing it for some time, cheat days do exist, and skipping some workout sessions is normal due to life commitments.

To prevent ourselves getting unmotivated and to be more consistent in our game, I have listed 8 ways that will help us stay on track and get fit effectively.


1) Purpose, Knowledge, and Willpower

I workout for ME

It is crucial to have these three things before starting on your fitness journey. In fact, it is more important than the workout and diet itself. These things are like the main foundation for a bridge and pillars under the buildings.

If you think you can burn belly fats with ab workouts, then you need to start reading bruh.

Set a plausible goal to achieve within one month and not just a vague phrase like “I want to lose weight”. Make it specific, “I want to lose 5kg this month” or “I want to be able to do 15pull ups and do squats with 20kg weights on.”

2) High-Intensity Interval Training

Crossfit games

Crossfit is a form of HIIT. 

High-Intensity Interval training or as it usually called, HIIT, is an advanced and a very effective workout. It burns more fats and requires less time, awesome. Unlike running, who likes to run anyway?

The way to do it is to perform alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercises with less-intense recovery periods. Usually last 4 to 30mins.

Well, interval sprint training is HIIT too. Guess it is still considered running.

3) Use All of Your Body Parts, even your toes

Pull up exercise

Pull ups engage more than one muscle group

This can be applied when doing the HIIT or even for other exercises. You will burn more calories when you include all of your body parts during a workout session.

When doing compound exercises like squats, pull-ups, and push-ups, our body will require more energy for muscle coordination and when more than one muscle group is activated. Don’t forget to wriggle your toes while you are at it.

4) Afterburn effect

The afterburn effect is one of the amazing things our body can do to help us burn fats. It works in a way that seems to be passive as like what it is called – the burning effect still continues after the workout – perfect for busy bees like us.

To achieve afterburn effect you have to do exercises that are very rigorous (like almost about to faint type of rigorous stuff..just don’t faint..). You will surely feel the afterburn effect by doing HIIT and also by doing other intense cardio exercises like cycling at high speeds for 45mins.

5) Mix up your training routine

Mixing up your training routine confuses the body(and yourself). Yes, it really does. This is when your body will hit a plateau due to a phenomenon called homeostasis. Wow so scientific….It just means your body adapts to the workout and stop growing.

You need to mix it up. Do cardio and bodyweight training on different days or even different ways.

6) Build Muscle

Huge Muscle

You Don’t Wanna Mess Wimme

Everyone should know by now why strength training helps with fat burning and overall fitness. Firstly, muscles need more calories to maintain itself which means more muscles = more calorie burn. When the body burns more calories, more fats are lost! With regards to your diet, though.

Most importantly, having “moosscles” makes you feel gooood.


7) Join group fitness

Group Activity

Yes..the more the merrier

Join a local fitness group that offers free shakes after the workout. That is the best deal ever.

Doing exercises in a group will motivate you and keep you moving. It is like you are doing for the sake of following the crowd, the peer pressure, and the “I don’t want to lose to you” hype.

8) No time? Split them up

10mins after waking up. 10 mins during lunch break. 10 mins after work. Viola. It’s as simple as that and research has proven that by doing short bursts of exercises, you will obtain as much progress as those who perform 30-40mins workout sessions.

No reason to skip workouts.


There are probably more ways to get yourself fit in less time needed, but what I have listed is as good and practical as it gets. In this busy times, we should focus on short, fun and effective workouts that are long lasting too.

So start trying out exercises that are short and intense, start doing them with friends and family members. Most importantly have fun!

What other ways would you suggest to help us busy adults keep fit?

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