Why is Wellness So Important?


Let’s try reflecting and ask ourselves, are we in the best of state? Have we really been taking good care of ourselves? The fact is nobody really cared that much. I have met many kinds of amazing people (I bet most of you do) but what I observed is that one can never be balanced at everything. Most of us would prefer to spend most of our effort and time on hobbies and passions. We ignore our health for money. Some might say that, as long as we are happy then leave it be but is that really how we should live our lives?

The best of example

I believe many of us remember the stories of a well-respected group of men. They were brave and strong who lived many, many years ago (1400 years ago). They were the ones who had defeated countless enemies and were considered as feared swordsmen. Even as fierce as they were, they would not fail to show respect and to give a helping hand to the elderlies, women or children. They would spend their money, time and effort helping the community to achieve peace and prosperity, and also they busy themselves with improving their spiritual level. They would strive to be the best examples and would seed the young ones with great knowledge and moral in hopes that they would one day be individuals who are admired too.

Who am I referring too? They are none other than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his fellow companions (r.a). May Allah reward their efforts. They were the best of community and the best examples everyone should follow(at least try) because they did not only focus on being strong physically but also mentally and spiritually.

What is wellness?

Wellness to me is more than just being healthy and fit. Wellness is when I am not only free from diseases but also when I am emotionally and spiritually well. When someone has great health and wellness, he or she is someone who could be seen living an active and positive lifestyle. They would be actively participating in volunteer work to help the ones in need. They are the ones who are always positive and achieve more at work. They are the ones that are loved by family and friends. Above all that they have a healthy, fit, strong body and mind. All of this makes up a well-balanced life. Who doesn’t want to be like that isn’t it?

Why does it matter?

We will be able to achieve our life’s goal easily when we have wellness. We will feel that every day is a good day and there are always something exciting to look forward to. In fact, wellness itself is a goal for us to achieve. Without wellness, our life would be less meaningful. We would have a life filled with emptiness, sadness, and depression. Nothing good happens to those who do not take good care of their wellness.

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