The beginning of a meaningful and a unique journey – Life.


It is the greatest mystery that men have ever tried to uncover.

What is life to you?

To me, life is short, fragile, filled with ups and downs and can be very ugly. At the same time, it can feel like it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Life is, also, temporary. Emotions, physical things, you and I won’t last forever.

What is the meaning of Life?

Have we ever asked ourselves why we were created? It got me thinking, what if I was born in Africa or somewhere only God knows, or maybe beyond our imagination, a cockroach? Can you imagine that? So, probably there should be a reason why I’m Me and why I’m here. At first, I thought maybe different stages in my life would have a different purpose. As a teenager growing up, I would say “I live because I want to grow up, fall in love and have a family.” Being an adult right now, I would say “I live because I need to support my family and see them grow healthy and happy.” Then what about when I’m old and fragile? Would there be any purpose or would my life just be a burden for my family?

Life according to Philosophers

These are the various definitions that I have obtained. There are those who believes in the Absurdism. Those who think of life as absurd. Albert Camus believes that to find a meaning in life is absurd and to escape from this painful thought is to choose either these three choices.

1) To believe in God
2) To commit suicide
3) To live with it in spite of knowing that it is absurd

Then there are the Existentialism, a type of understanding that are more popular these days; these are people who believe that the meaning of life can only be defined by each of individual. Susan Blackmore, an atheist and a psychologist said, “The pointlessness of life is not a thing to be overcome. It’s something to be celebrated now because that’s all there is.” These shows that even though a person is gifted with high IQ, they would still define the purpose of life that is based on their logic and opinion.

The Law Maker

When we see the universe we would understand by now that it is governed by laws of science, wouldn’t it be right to accept that there exist a lawmaker? The creator of these laws? If we were made by a Creator, then surely that Creator must have a reason for creating us. Thus, it is important that we seek to know our purpose. Once we know the purpose, it is up to us whether to live to uphold and in harmony with it or to be against it with our own will. We believe in the existence of God, and we believe He has set us some rules for us to follow. These are guidelines for us to achieve happiness in this world and the hereafter. If we follow them, we will be at peace, and if we go against them, we will be with the ones who have lost.

Final thoughts

No matter what kind of person you are, weak, strong, intelligent or not, all of us have a role to play in this vast universe. There is no one in this world that are born useless without a purpose. We have to find a purpose in life, only then we can accept life as it is and live a meaningful and peaceful life.

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