What is Deen and Wellness about?

Hi there, my name is Zaid, and I would like to welcome you to my website.

If you are struggling to improve your health condition and fitness level due to life commitments like work, family, friends, part-time job, volunteer work, debts, loans, fines, etc - then you have come to right place.

I have created this website not just to help super busy people like you and me to be both, healthier and fitter, but also to lead a more meaningful and productive life by achieving wellness.

I would describe wellness as the best way to achieve ultimate balance in life. It is when you have your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social and financial health under control. Life is hard, but without a balanced life, it can be tougher.

Together, we will embark on this journey to obtain most important things in our lives - happiness and health.

Take advantage of your health, before sickness ~ Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Finding a good reason to balance your lifestyle will make any changes achievable. Learn which regimes or sports suits you. Apply simple methods and develep them into habits over time.

Learn about nutrition. How much carbohydrate, proteins and fat are needed for a healthy body. Many wounds and diseases can be cured or can be prevented with proper nutrition.

Our deen (Islam) & Wellness Our Health, Our Body, Our spiritual existence? All of these belongs to God. It is a gift and a responsibility for us to honour it and protect it.


A little bit of me.

My full name is Muhammad Zaid bin Mohd Omar.
Zaid will do :) .

I'm from Singapore, a small, colourful, hectic place.

I believe in teachings of Islam and it teaches us that love is the most powerful force in the world as well as that humans are the best creation in the universe because we are blessed with the power to gain knowledge.

My passion is to master the art of Happiness and Health and to reach out to people who are in need of help. When I was young, I was weak and I had stomach problems, I felt sick easily. I realised that I don't want to live my life in that condition, I put in a lot of effort in attaining a better and healthier life, which I did. I gained some weight and I feel awesome. I have to thank my mom, dad and sister for the support throughout the years.

Graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in the year 2011 with a Diploma in Chemical Engineering. Served the Nation for two years as an infantry soldier in the Singapore Armed Forces and I am currently operational ready in an active unit.

Current Life: Full-time Process Chemical Technician at Evonik Oil Additives Part-time student at Andalus in Islamic Studies Part-time student at ACS Distance Education, Nutrition Coaching
and Workout buddy (If you need one).