We view wellness as much more than just a state of
physical health. It also encompasses emotional stability,
clear thinking, the ability to love, create, embrace
change, exercise intuition and experience a continuing
sense of spirituality.

- The Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine

What I can find on Deen and Wellness?

DeenandWellness is for those who wants to find balance in their
health, fitness and spirituality.

Nurture your health.

Are health classes still relevant? Is there really a need for them? The answer is YES! We all need to pay attention to our health condition.

Connect with higher power.

When we see the universe we would understand by now that it is governed by laws of science, wouldn’t it be right to accept that there exist a lawmaker?

Get in shape and keep it that way!

Whatever change you intend to do, do it now and stay consistent. If you feel like quitting after all the hardwork, ask yourselves, "Why did you start in the first place?"

Nutrition is important.

Food is just like the air we breathe. It is what every living thing can’t live without. Understanding just the basic of nutrition helps a lot when we plan our meals.